Prods & Clamps

Prod Sets

Magnaflux prod sets provide the flexibility to inspect large and complex shaped parts.

These handheld electrode sets are convenient for conducting sectional inspections of welds, castings, forgings and large fabrications. Comfortable, pistol style grips and out-of-the-way cable hookups make it easy to test large and oddly shaped parts that are not wet bench friendly.

Contact Clamps

Magnaflux contact clamp accessories allow testing of parts that could not be placed in wet bench MPI units.

Magnaflux spring loaded and heavy-duty contact clamps allow for the easier and more accurate inspection of tubing, bars and tubular assemblies such as aircraft engine mounts, fuselage sections and large welded structures.

Connected to terminals by lugs and flexible cables, contact clamps can be used with parts up to 7" in diameter.

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