Magnaflux Y-8 -115V/230V Global Charger - DC Cordless Yoke Kit

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Magnaflux Y-8 -115V - DC Battery Powered Yoke Kit

The MAGNAFLUX Y-8 is a battery-powered, DC electromagnetic yoke designed to stand up to the most rugged applications. True portability for magnetic particle inspection in the field and remote locations is achieved through a compact battery pack which provides a full 8-hour shift of inspection power.

Featuring sealed chemical-resistant construction and articulating legs to contour to any part shape, the Y-8 MV Kit comes with a Y-8 yoke, universal-voltage battery charger, global plug adapters, #1 Gray magnetic powder, a paint marker and hand cleaner towels in a convenient carrying case.


  • Articulating, double-jointed legs contour easily to any part shape to assure good contact
  • Pull force 60 lbs DC complies with specifications
  • Solid state controls located in housing for maximum safety and reliability
  • 30-second ON/OFF duty cycle

Kit Includes:

  • Battery Powered Yoke
  • Case
  • Charger
  • #1 Grey Powder
  • Paint Marker
  • Scrubs™ Hand Cleaner
  • Instructions

Y-8 Specifications:

  • Yoke: Y-8 Battery Powered Yoke
  • Current Draw: 4 amps @ 6 volts DC (Yoke Only)
  • Current Draw: 0.2 amps @ 230v (Charger Only)
  • Demag: No
  • Yoke Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • Leg Capacity: 0" – 12" (0-30 cm) across poles
  • Cord: 12 ft coiled

Battery Specifications:

Rechargeable Battery: 6 volt, 12-amp hour
Battery Weight: 5-1/4 lb.
Under normal duty cycle, battery lasts 8 hours between charges.


  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444
  • ASTM E3024
  • Applications

    Defect location: Subsurface (and some surface)

    Ideal for:

    • Field testing
    • In-service inspections
    • Demanding environments
    • Remote sites

    Defect examples:

    • Inclusions
    • Seams
    • Tears
    • Laps
    • Welding slag
    • Grinding cracks
    • Quenching cracks

    Use Recommendations

    NDT Method: Magnetic Particle Testing

    Recommended Accessories: Yoke Test Weight (PN 624115)

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