Magnaflux Centrifuge Tube - 7C, 7HF

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Magnaflux 100 ml Centrifuge tubes are used to monitor the bath concentration and level of contamination of the magnetic particles in Magnaglo® or Magnavis® baths.

Magnaflux 2461: Centrifuge Tube for Magnavis® 7C/9C visible magnetic particles. (0 - 1.5 ml in 0.10 graduations)

The amount of magnetic particles per gallon of fluid in the inspection bath is called its strength or concentration. If the bath concentration is below recommended strength, weak particle indications will be produced or possibly no indication will appear; therefore, defects will not be detected. If there are too many particles in the bath, indications may be masked by heavy background buildup. The usable limits of bath strength are quite broad, but for consistent results the bath strength should be maintained constant at all times. A light bath strength usually forms good indications on deep cracks, but a heavier particle concentration will show fine defects better. The bath concentration, which will best detect all defects, should be determined and held constant. Bath strength should be checked at least once each day.After the entire bath has been thoroughly mixed and agitated, it is essential to check it for strength. The most widely used method is by gravity settling in a graduated ASTM pear shaped centrifuge tube.

Centrifuge Tube ONLY - Stand must be purchased 
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