Magnetic Particle Test Pieces

Magnaflux Tool Steel Test Ring - Certified
Magnaflux MPI Test Bar
Magnaflux Magnetic Flux Indicators
Standard QQI-Model CX-230 - 5 per package
Magnaflux Standard QQI-Model CX-430 - 5 per package
Magnaflux Miniature QQI-Model CX4-230 - 5 per package
Magnaflux Variable depth QQI-Model 3C2-234 - 5 per package
Magnaflux test pieces contain artificial defects that simulate discontinuities when verifying MPI system performance.

Magnaflux tool steel test ring, test bar, pie gauge and quantitative quality indicator test pieces (QQIs) contain precisely defined artificial flaws used to verify that MPI equipment and processes are operating at accepted levels. Specific applications for individual test pieces and their industry certifications/compliance can be found in their part descriptions.
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