Magnaflux Magnetic Flux Indicators

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Magnetic Flux Indicators

The Magnaflux Type G (General Use) Magnetic Flux Indicators are flexible indicators used to detect appropriate levels of magnetic field strength and directional orientation during the magnetic particle testing process. They are manufactured from permeable magnetic steel sandwiched between two protective 0.002 brass plates. The central magnetic steel plate contains three milled slots with widths of .0075, .009, .010 and common depths. The slots serve as sample test flaws with wider slots generating greater amounts of magnetic flux leakage and larger magnetic particle indications than narrower ones.

By using Magnaflux Magnetic Flux Indicators, magnetic field direction and levels can be properly set and continuously checked during the MPI process for their sufficiency in detecting defects of the sizes indicated on the test strip.

Part Number: 008M004 (5 indicators per package)

Specifications Compliance: ASTM E709-08, ASTM E1444

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