Ultrasonic Inspection

The Magnaflux Sonotech line of ultrasonic NDT couplants offers outstanding couplants with precisely formulated properties to maximize inspection results. NDT technicians trust Magnaflux to supply couplant for ultrasonic testing that enhance sound transmission from the transducer to the test part to produce reliable non-destructive inspection results in flaw detection, thickness gauging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing.

Whether your requirements include meeting halogen, sulfur and low melting point specifications for the nuclear power industry, high level environmental and acoustical standards, or temperature operating ranges beyond 1000 F, you will find all your needs well met by an industry leading Sonotech couplant. Available in four categories; General Purpose, Environmentally Benign, High Temperature and Specialty Application, along with pack sizes to meet every testing need, Magnaflux Sonotech brand couplants and support staff are dedicated to bringing ease, consistency and unparalleled results to your NDT inspection process.
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