Magnaflux Prod Set for M-Series units

Magnaflux Prod Set for M-Series units

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Magnaflux Prod Set for M-Series units

Magnaflux prod sets are convenient handheld electrodes used for conducting sectional inspections of welds, casting, forgings and other large and complex part shapes. Comfortable, pistol style grips and out-of-the-way cable hookups make it easy for testing parts that are not wet-bench friendly.

All prod sets:

  • Require additional power cables, purchased separately
  • Include solid tip prods and 20' control cable with trigger in handle

Standard Prod Set:

  • Individual contact prods offer maximum flexibility in prod spacing and magnetizing of complex-shaped parts
  • New design has user-friendly pistol grip and out-of-the-way cable hookups


  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444
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