Magnaflux UVM3059 Digital UV Light Meter - Certified

Magnaflux UVM3059 Digital UV Light Meter - Certified

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The UVM3059 is designed for measuring ultraviolet radiation, primarily for use in non-destructive material testing. It was developed according to the specifications of ISO 3059.

The housing is dust and splash-proof according to protection class IP54. The optical sensor is integrated into the surface of the meter.


Display backlit digital graphic display, 160 x 64 px
Power supply 9V block battery (PP3, 6LR61)
Current consumption max. 16mA
Battery life approx. 50 hours measuring time (at medium display brightness)
Automatic switch-off after 5 minutes
Measuring range 0.5 - 100 W/m˛, 50 - 10,000 µW/cm˛, 0.05 - 10 mW/cm˛ (each range individually selectable)
Light sensitivity UV-A radiation with 365 nm wavelength (see chart )
Languages Operator’s menu available in English, German, and French
Dimensions 120 x 65 x 22 mm (in its plastic housing)
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