#1 Gray Dry Method Non-Fluorescent Particles - 10 lb

#1 Gray Dry Method Non-Fluorescent Particles - 10 lb

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Magnaflux #1 Gray Colored, Non-fluorescent Magnetic Particles

#1 Gray provides strong contrast on most metal surfaces during dry method mag particle testing in visible light. It is ready-to-use for visible light flaw detection of surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities in ferrous metals. It can be used in a powder blower or shaken from a bottle during magnetization, and blown off while current is still being applied. On material with a high magnetic retentivity, indications can still be formed after the current has been turned off.


  • Sharp, color-contrast indications on high reflective surfaces
  • Ready-to-use
  • Good particle buildup for quick detection
  • Highly refined for optimal particle shape and size combination
  • Minimal dust build-up
  • Does not require a black light or darkened inspection area
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