20B Wet Method Fluorescent Particles - Six - 1 lb. Containers

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Magnaflux MAGNAGLO 20B Preblended Dry Mix Fluorescent Particles

20B is a highly sensitive dry magnetic particle premix for locating fine discontinuities in high volume applications. 20B combines Magnaflux’s best-in-industry 14A magnetic particles and water conditioners into an easy-to-use premix for making water-based magnetic particle suspension. The ultra-sensitive particles provide clear, bright, fluorescent green indications under ultra-violet black light for unbeatable inspection quality and accuracy.

20B is a dry mix of 14A with wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors, and is added to a water bath. Indications of flaws appear as a bright yellow-green color under ultraviolet light.
20B water-bath is sprayed onto a part during magnetization, and then inspected. It is used to detect cracks and seams, as well as inclusions, laps, tears and flakes, and can detect flaws open to the surface of the part or slightly sub-surface. The fluorescent particles in 20B collect where the magnetic field is interrupted, and glow under ultraviolet (UV) lighting. Parts tested can be forgings, welds, castings, and stamped or machined ferromagnetic materials, such as steel and other alloys of iron, nickel and cobalt.
  • Premix powder for quick, reliable bath prep
  • Clear, bright indications under ultra-violet light
  • High sensitivity
  • Strong corrosion protection
  • Non-foaming
  • Easy post-testing clean up
  • Excellent fluorescent contrast for quick identification
  • Great particle mobility
  • Good dispersion stability
  • Good surface wetting

  • AMS 3044
  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444
  • ASME
  • MIL-STD-2132
  • MIL-STD-271
  • NAVSEA 250-1500-1
  • NAVSEA T9074-AS-GIB-010/271


Defect location: surface and slightly subsurface

Ideal for:

  • Detecting fine discontinuities
  • Smooth surface finish
  • High volume testing
  • After secondary processing
  • In-service inspections
  • Castings
  • Forging
  • Stamped parts
  • Ferromagnetic metals
  • Steel
  • Iron alloys
  • Nickel alloys

Defect examples:

  • Inclusions
  • Seams
  • Shrink cracks
  • Tears
  • Laps
  • Flakes
  • Weld defects
  • Grinding cracks
  • Quenching cracks
  • Fatigue cracks

Use Recommendations

NDT Method: Magnetic Particle Testing, Fluorescent, Wet Method

Suspension Vehicle: Water

Required Equipment: Magnetizing device, UV light source

Temperature Range: 32 to 120F / 0 to 49C

Container Size & Part Number

1 lb / 453 g jar (case of 6)   01-0179-71

15 lb / 6.8 kg pail                 01-0179-70

30 lb / 13.6 kg pail               01-0179-84

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