Magnaflux Y-1 Magnetic Yoke with Light

Magnaflux Y-1 Magnetic Yoke with Light

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If you've ever picked up a Magnaflux Y-1 Yoke, you already know how much more comfortable it is to hold when compared to traditional magnetic yokes. Magnaflux designed the Y-1 from the ground up with ergonomics in mind. The soft grip and angled body reduce operator hand and wrist fatigue for more dependable crack detection. The 2nd generation Y-1 Yokes also feature a sealed core to resist corrosion, improved power cord design and a 25% increased lift strength. Built in the USA by the leader of NDT crack detection equipment and supplies, the Magnaflux Y-1 Yoke is an ideal solution for field and in-plant crack detection.

Ideal for common low light conditions, the Magnaflux Y-1 yoke light does not require batteries and is energized by the magnetic field from the yoke!

Magnaflux Y-1 AC Yoke Features:

  • 37% Lighter than standard yoke
  • Soft grip for operator's comfort
  • Angled body for arm and wrist positioning
  • Easy trigger position and shape
  • Impact and chemical resistant shell
  • Improved Cord Strength
  • Field Serviceable for reduced downtime
  • Eyelet for hands free carrying

Magnaflux Y-1 AC Yoke Specifications:

  • Current Draw: 115 Volt - 60 Hz.
  • Line Current: 2.2 Amps @115v
  • Demag: Yes
  • Yoke Weight: 4.56 lbs.
  • Leg Capacity: 0" - 11" (0-30 cm) across poles
  • Cord: 10 ft (365.8 cm) with grounded plug
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty
  • Other: Carrying case and instructions included
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