Magnaflux Y-1 Yoke Light

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Magnaflux Y-1 Yoke Light

The Magnaflux7 Y-1 Yoke Light delivers a powerful beam of brightly focused light onto the inspection area directly beneath and adjacent to the Y-1 Yoke whenever the yoke is activated. The light, 10 lumens strong, is designed to enhance visible method detection of flaws and discontinuities under low/no-light conditions and in difficult to reach areas not accessible to a secondary light source.

Offered as an accessory to the Y-1 Yoke, the light attaches quickly and easily to the rear or front leg without impeding the yoke’s ergonomic design or functionality. Its rugged, high-impact construction and shock-resistant bulb have been designed to withstand the daily rigors and abuse of NDT testing.

Magnaflux Y-1 AC Yoke Light Features:

  • Fast, easy to perform installation
  • No wiring connection necessary (induction coil operated)
  • Automatically activated when yoke is in use
  • Light focused immediately below and adjacent to yoke application for improved visible inspection
  • Snap-in standard bulb replacement
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