Magnaflux Yoke Light for Y-6 & Y-7 Yokes

Magnaflux Yoke Light for Y-6 & Y-7 Yokes
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Add-on Light for AC Yokes

The Yoke Light is an add-on accessory for Y-7 and Y-8 AC yokes which provides focused, visible light to the yoke inspection area when the yoke is activated. The 10 lumens strong light is designed to enhance visible detection of flaws and discontinuities under low conditions and in difficult to reach areas not accessible to a secondary light source.

Benefits / Features

  • Fast, easy installation
  • No wiring connection necessary
  • Automatically activated when yoke is energized
  • Snap-in standard bulb replacement
  • Specifications

    • ASTM E709
    • ASTM E1444
    • ASTM E3024
    • ASTM E2297
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